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09 June 2008 @ 07:33 pm

Ever felt like wanting to write HakueixRuki? MiyavixBou, perhaps? Or maybe YoshikixZero, or some other random jpairing? (Random = a pairing outside of a certain band; a crack pairing; cross-over)

If so, visit random_jpairing. No matter what your random pairing of choice is, we've got a spot for it there. :D (We've also got plenty of challenges for you to participate in if you need something to help you to write.)
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13 January 2007 @ 12:31 am
Since Shinya's birthday is nearing (and I did the same in my Shinya community shinya_love but with more themes) we decided that we could have a little challenge. And, maybe this could actually make the community more active, hmm? ^^

Anyhow, here's the deal: below you can see 10 themes and your job is to pick one (or more, if you feel like it) theme and write a DiexShinyaxKaoru fic from it. It can be one-shot or multi-chaptered, that's up to you, and we have no rules concerning ratings, word count and such. The point is just to have fun and celebrate Shinya's birthday by writing fics. ^-^


1. February
2. Candles
3. Age
4. Rose
5. Turtle
6. A fallen star
7. Enjoy the silence
8. Once upon a time
9. The nights of wonder
10. My power, my pleasure, my pain

If you have any questions, we're happy to answer. ^^
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03 January 2007 @ 11:15 pm
We're, well, at least I'm not as dead as I'm sure you all thought. Nyaaaa~

Title: Material Good
Chapters: one-shot
Author: koocha alias Delly
Pairing(s): ShinyaxDiexKaoru
Rating: PG-13
Genre: fluff and Die XD (Dieism should be a genre...)
Warnings: They’re guys with guys, which means that they’re gays. 8D
Summary: Die’s wondering the meaning of Christmas presents.
Comments: I’m terribly late with this, but yeah, it is a Christmas fic. XD It’s pretty lame and ordinary but I thought that I should write it anygays. -_-;; English is not my first language and this hasn’t been beta-read, so I’m sure it’s full of spelling and grammar mistakes. Feel free to note me if you find them. ^^
Written for the Christmas challenge in shinya_love community.
The name… XDD I’m tired and I had no patience to come up with anything better, so deal with it! In fact, the name and the summary have pretty much nothing to do with the fic. ^^' Yeah, I'm incredibly good at coming up with names and summaries...

Material GoodCollapse )
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22 August 2006 @ 08:43 pm
Hello darlings! <3 I'm Delly, or Koocha, 1/2 of the creator team of our new community. I too, obviously, love Die/Shin/Kao and I hope that you love or learn to love them as well. ^__^ Have fun, I already do.

And here we go, the first fic in our community! XD I just wish it was better. But anygays. ^__^

Title: Mother, more likely
Chapters: one-shot
Author: koocha / Delly
Claim: Shinya/Die/Kaoru
Theme III. 1: Can be seen
Pairing(s): Shinya/Die/Kaoru, Kyo/Totchi
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff XD
Warnings: Cute little slash. ^^
Summary: This is a story about how two boyfriends and two friends can totally ruin poor leader-sama’s brave attempt to get some work done.
Comments: I’m not sure if it actually fits to the “Can be seen”- theme I chose, but Mel said it does and I believe her. ^^ She has also kinda beta-read this, but only quickly, so the spelling and grammar errors are more likely mine. Feel free to note me if you find them. English isn’t my first language and actually this is the first English fic I've ever published. ^^'
This was originally written for shinya_love community.
And children, this is _pointless_. Really. XD And that’s exactly the point.

Mother, more likelyCollapse )
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22 August 2006 @ 08:15 pm
If you have something to say, a question to ask or anything you'd like us to know, feel free to comment on this entry.

Or then you can contact us by using our own journals or our e-mail adresses.

Mel ~ daishimel / daishimel@gmail.com

Delly ~ koocha / royal_mocca@hotmail.com
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22 August 2006 @ 06:57 pm
Welcome to the DiexShinyaxKaoru community, a community dedicated to our lovely threesome. ^-^

This is a friendly community for you all who love the threesome and the members involved in it aka Die, Shinya and Kaoru from Dir en grey; created to spread the love of the threesome and enjoy the works of other fans.

We don't have that many rules but those few we have are to be found in the user info of the community.

You can post here fanfictions, fanarts, icons, wallpapers, pics, websites and pretty much everything related to the threesome or one of its members. Advertising your community is allowed as well, as long as you remember to use LJ-cut and it has something to do with the threesome or one of its members. But you should not post any pics or advertisements and so on if there is a pairing that has one of the members of the threesome paired up with someone else, like, say, DiexToshiya pics. That's only reasonable, since this is a DiexShinyaxKaoru community after all.

No anti-pairing stuff is allowed. This is a yaoi-related community and if you don't feel comfortable with the thought there are communities that suit better for your needs out there.

Anyhow, have fun with the threesome and enjoy your stay. ^-^

~ Mel & Delly
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